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Your Life With Jesus

8 Part Series, By The Life Team, Treasure 

If you’ve recently decided to commit your life to Jesus, you might be thinking, “Now what?” When you choose to follow Jesus, you don’t just have a new faith: you begin a relationship. But what does it mean to be in a relationship with God? What should you expect? And most importantly, how do you even begin to personally know the God of the universe? In this series, we’ll explore some of these questions to help you get started on this exciting adventure.

  1. God is Speaking to You Session2

    God is Speaking to You

    Relationship with God isn't just you worshiping God with no response from Him. He has been pursuing you and speaking to you. He wants to teach you how to hear His voice.

  2. The Power You Need Session4

    The Power You Need

    When you committed your life to Jesus, you gained access to someone with unlimited strength — the Holy Spirit, who offers you help every single day.