You’ve committed your life to Jesus, which was a life-altering decision (John 1:12). You decided to follow his lead and trust him with your future. That’s when you moved into the passenger's seat and he got behind the wheel. Eternal life is now yours for keeps! (John 6:37John 5:24)

Your eternal salvation is a done deal once you entrust your life to Jesus. You don’t need to ask Jesus for it again, but you do need to choose to keep him at the center of your life. It’s really easy to take back the wheel and do things in our own strength (which never turns out very well).

To follow Jesus, we must value Hhim more than ourselves, our plans, our possessions, and our relationships. It means we seek to listen to him and obey him in every area of our lives. And don’t worry! He will give you all the strength you need to do so. Every day is our chance to live out this commitment as an act of worship, by faith.

Praying this prayer is a great way to start each morning:

"Dear Jesus, I want you in the center of my life, and commit to serve and obey you through your power — anytime, anywhere, at any cost, to do anything. Amen."

Praying something like this can seem pretty overwhelming: what will God ask me to do? Or give up? Or change? But there’s no better place to be than completely surrendered to our Heavenly Father. After all, he knows and wants what is best for us.

Did you pray the prayer written above? If so, one of our mentors would love to talk with you about it, and support you in this incredible faith commitment!