We want to introduce you to the Holy Spirit, who actually lives inside every person who opens their heart to Jesus.. That can seem like a pretty crazy thought!

So who is the Holy Spirit, and what is his role in your spiritual journey? Some people think of him as a ghost or an impersonal force that we can somehow tap into to get power to do what we want and receive what we desire. But those perceptions are far from accurate. He’s a person we can listen to and get to know and draw strength from. Just like Jesus and God the Father, he is God.

When you committed your life to Jesus, you didn’t become strong. Rather, someone with unlimited strength, the Holy Spirit came to dwell in you and enable you to obey God in all circumstances.

You’ve probably felt frustrated or even helpless at times when you’ve tried to kick a bad habit or fix a relationship problem. The truth is: we are powerless to fix our sinful habits and truly love others unconditionally. It is only by trusting in the Spirit's power that we can live a life of unconditional love like Jesus did.

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