There is a longing in each of us to belong — to be accepted for who we are, not for being the person others want us to be. A big reason Jesus came was to form a family who would learn to live out his unconditional love and truly accept one another. The most extraordinary community on earth was born: the Church.

When you think of church, maybe you think of an old, dusty building, or a place you were forced to attend as a child, or a long list of rules you needed to conform to. But really, Jesus’ Church is all about love and the community that you are invited into when you accept him as Lord. Church isn’t just a building: we are the Church!

The Church is God’s people — those who’ve received his free gift of salvation and committed to following him. It’s all of us imperfect, forgiven people, learning together how to forgive and love like Jesus.

To experience God’s love more deeply and live it out, it’s important to get involved in a church nearby. God meant for us to grow spiritually through our relationships with others, and not just with him alone. You’ll have the chance to develop close and meaningful relationships, learn more about God, be encouraged, and join together with others to serve your community.