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Exponential Faith

10 Part Series, By The Life Team, Multiply 

So your friends and mentees are ready to start sharing their faith. It’s an exciting time and they’re going to need someone to help them out and support them in that journey.

That’s where you come in!

Jesus didn’t change the world all by himself. He shared the good news of the kingdom with His 12 apostles and trained them to go and do the same. The result was lives transformed at an exponential rate. The world was never the same.

We know it can be hard to remember and articulate all the things you’ve learned about sharing the gospel. So, as you walk with your mentee, we’re here to do the heavy lifting. Check out our favorite challenges for beginning the journey of evangelism, and pick one or two of them to pass along to the person you're discipling (or to do with them). Then make sure to check in with them in a few weeks to see what God is teaching them.

  1. We Can Face it Together Session7

    We Can Face it Together

    We live in a world that encourages us to pretend. We don’t want people to think we’re a mess so we keep things hidden. But Jesus comes alongside us without judgment. We can offer that same gifts to others. 

  2. Do Something Fun Session8

    Do Something Fun

    Sharing your faith doesn't have to be hard work. Sometimes all you need to get started is to do something fun. Reaching out can be as simple as saying, “Yes”.