It’s easy to talk about the people and things that we love. Think back on some recent conversations you’ve had. How often did someone recommend a movie, a restaurant, or their favorite website? When we find something that works for us, it’s effortless to invite others to try it too. So why do we struggle to talk about Jesus?

Think back over your conversations of the past two weeks or skim through your Facebook statuses. What did you talk about? Is there any mention of God? If not, you are not alone. Many Christians don’t talk about God with their non-Christian friends on a regular basis, and for several reasons:

There can be a lot of fear around the idea of sharing our faith, especially when it comes to sharing Jesus with people we have a relationship with. Much of that fear comes from not fully understanding the message. We’re not telling people bad news; we’re telling them good news and good news is easy to share.

There’s no guarantee that all of your evangelistic experiences will be good. But if you genuinely care about the people you’re talking to and practice good listening skills, you’re much more likely to have positive conversations. And remember, that’s all evangelism really is. It’s talking about Jesus, helping someone discover what he’s like and what he has done for them. It’s not a speech or a sermon; it’s just a conversation.

If you’re someone who already talks about God all the time, fantastic! Think of someone you’ve never had a spiritual conversation with and try to have that conversation this week.

For everyone else, one of the easiest ways to get started is to simply share from your own experience. When you talk about what God is doing in your life right now, you’re not being confrontational. You’re simply letting the people around you know that Jesus is making in your life and you want to talk about it.

edited August 2019