Have you ever been to the symphony? It’s incredible to watch a conductor at work. He raises the baton and with tiny movements brings each instrument together, guiding and instructing with such skill that amazing music fills the room.

If you find it scary to talk to others about Jesus, it can help to remember that you are not the conductor — God is. It’s his job to time everything just right. It’s his job to create the music. Your job is to follow his lead and play your small, but significant part.

In Acts 8:26-40 we see God, the Great Conductor, orchestrate events to create something wonderful. As you study the passage in today’s challenge, think about how you could follow his lead as you talk to people about Jesus.

As you read Acts 8:26-40, think about the following questions:

  1. This is an amazing story of a person coming to know Jesus. What had to happen for the Ethiopian to become a believer? What was Philip’s role? What was God’s?
  2. If you were there instead of Philip, what would you find most challenging? (Believing and obeying the angel? Having the courage to begin a conversation with a stranger? Being able to explain the Gospel clearly? Treating a eunuch with honor and love?)
updated February 2019

Photo Credit: Matthew Henry