We all feel loved in different ways. This study focuses on the love language called words of affirmation. Whether expressed vocally, in a letter, or through someone else, words mean a lot. In this study you will learn how to encourage the special person in your life through words of affirmation, based on principles from Gary Chapman’s popular book The Five Love Languages.

“Words will never hurt me!” What a lie that is! Although we all grew up with this little statement on the playground, we all know that it isn’t true. Words can hurt others, but they can also build them up. Words are important to everyone, yet for some people they are more than important — they are essential to their emotional health and wellness. This study will look at why words are so important, different ways to use words to change situations, and the difference between flattery and genuine words of encouragement.

Do your words build up or tear down? Words reflect the heart, so what is your heart saying to your partner or spouse? Join us for this study and let’s learn the truth about words and how they can express love.

Tags: Love Others
Photo Credit: John Jennings