We all feel loved in different ways. This study focuses on the love language called quality time. Time and undivided attention mean a lot. This study will look at why quality time is so important and what it really means to spend quality time together. We will look at what the key components are to a good conversation. You will learn the important points of being a good listener and a good communicator. All these things are important to the love language known as quality time. Learn how to love your spouse through quality time by going through this study based on principles from Gary Chapman’s popular book The Five Love Languages.

“Where are you? I never get to see you.” These words can often be heard from someone whose love language may be quality time. Spending time with those we love is so important, especially for those whose love language is quality time. Quality time is not only important, but absolutely essential for their emotional wellness and sense of being loved.

Three important things to remember about quality time are:

  1. One of you wants to do it.
  2. The other is willing.
  3. Both of you know the reason for it — to express love by being together.

Quality time together ends with the feeling, “they care about me, they are willing to do something with me that I enjoy; and they did it with a positive attitude. That is love.” Quality time focuses on togetherness, focused attention, and quality conversations.

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Photo Credit: Everton Vila