Love! The word itself can evoke many different emotions in people — everything from ecstasy to very real pain. How can one word have so many different meaning?

In this article, we will be looking at the “in love” feeling that couples experience that ushers them to the wedding altar — that blissful, exciting, emotional obsession.

For so many people, this feeling starts to dissipate sometime after the honeymoon is over and they are faced with real-life marriage and unmet expectations. This process takes about two years on average. This is a normal cycle, but many are taken aback when this process hits home and is a personal experience. Welcome to the real world of marriage! Conflict, mis-communication, and hurt are part of marriage — even a good marriage. This is why lasting love needs to become the focus of every married person.

Know that there is hope and help no matter where you are at.

Demonstrating lasting love means making choices based on the best interests of the other person. It’s not based on feelings; rather, it focuses on the other person’s well-being: their growth and development. Feelings come and go; choice and commitment are the foundation of lasting love.

Join us for this study based on the book, Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman. The study offered below is the introduction to this series. We will talk about questions like: What happened? Why do we need to understand love languages? Each of the five languages will have its own study as well, so you can practice what you learn and have a more fulfilling marriage as a result.

You can learn how to meaningfully communicate love to each other for a lifetime!

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Photo Credit: Gabby Orcutt