Maybe your spouse has said something like: "Really? For me? I love it!” What those words may really mean deep down is, “You know me. You really love me!”

For someone with the love language of Receiving Gifts, a gift is a symbol of the fact that “you were thinking of me” or “you remember me.” The gift itself and the cost of the gift are not the important part. The fact that the item represents care and love is what matters. Giving a gift that reflects that you know the person is the key. A husband could spend a large amount of money buying something for his wife (who is a gift-receiver), but if it is blue, and she hates blue, or if it is a tool and she never uses tools, it will miss the mark.

Take time to choose a gift that reflects the uniqueness of that person. It doesn’t have to be costly. It could be a rock you pick up from a special beach you both love. It could be a penny from a special year you have memories from, or a card you make. Children easily represent how love is expressed in the gifts they give: a dandelion, a picture, wild flowers, a frog. We can learn from our children in the innocence of the heart and what the gift reflects. That implied “I love you and was thinking of you” is worth more than the monetary value of the object.

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Photo Credit: Evan Kirby