We all feel loved in different ways. This study focuses on the love language called Physical Touch. Physical touch is a very powerful communicator in marriage. Physical touch is not limited to sexual expression; that is a very important distinction. In this study based on Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, we will look at how important physical touch is as a means of giving and receiving love for those with this language.

Physical touch is used around the world to express our acceptance of or rejection of those around us. In North America, if we refused to shake hands with someone, it would send a loud message. Hugging someone at an airport is commonly seen as a means to express one of many things: I will miss you, I am glad to see you again, I love you, don’t go.

In every culture around the world, physical touch is used to communicate emotional love. We see this evidenced clearly with babies. Studies show that babies who are touched and loved develop a healthier emotional life than babies left for long periods of time without physical touch. For the person who speaks this as a primary love language, it goes beyond all of the above and is a need for feeling loved, or a means of feeling rejection. Often neither is understood by their spouse. In this study we will look closely at what physical touch means as a love Language and that sex can be a part of it, but that it's not all there is. This expression of love is as complex as the individual who needs it.

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Photo Credit: Haley Powers