This final study on the Love Languages ties this series together. Learn how to identify your unique Love Language. Learn how to differentiate between Sex and the Love Language of Physical Touch. How do you love the unlovely, and what is the big deal with love anyway?

This study is based on principles from Gary Chapman’s popular book, The Five Love Languages. Everyone has emotional needs that are met through love. This final study ties all the loose end together. If you have not done the others, make sure you go do them first. That will give you better understanding for the content of this study. Discover your primary language and that of your spouse.

Sexual desire is different from the language of physical touch. It can be part of it for the one with the language of physical touch, but is completely separate for those who enjoy sex but have a different love language.

Love is a choice. For those married for more than a couple of years, you will understand this better than a newlywed couple. Love chooses to act in the best interest of another. It is not just based on feeling. Our culture focuses on the “in love” feeling side of love. Mature love focuses on choice and love as an action. Love chooses to act even when it does not come naturally to do so. This will be very evident when you discover what your Love Languages are. They will be unique to each of you. Even if you share the same primary language, you may have a different dialect, which can still cause misunderstanding. Communication and understanding are key to hitting the mark of making each other feel loved. Because love fills the basic needs of security, self-worth, and significance, it is so important to learn to love well.

Finally, we will look at loving the unlovely and finding hope when you feel hopeless.

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Photo Credit: Hian Oliveira