In one sense our lives are always witnessing, either for Christ or against him. But witnessing for Jesus becomes a whole lot more effective and exciting when we’re intentional about it.

It might sound like Harvey was being spontaneous, asking to pray for that businessman. But that opportunity came about because he had been strategic. Harvey didn’t just wait for opportunities to fall out of the sky; he was witnessing on purpose.

He frequents the same local businesses as a way of life, and it’s not just for the good service. It’s one way he builds relationships and earns respect, so when crisis hits, or someone gets spiritually curious, there he is, ready to offer prayer, support, or to engage in conversation.

How can you witness on purpose? If most of your friends are Christians, perhaps it’s time to join a sports team or club and learn to have fun with those who don’t yet know Jesus. Or, like Harvey, you could go to the same set of businesses — even if Christians down the road offer the same services. Maybe you want to volunteer for a cause in your community that isn’t run by a church. That’s a great way to build relationships quickly.

Lastly, witnessing on purpose means starting your day ready and willing to partner with God when and where you see him at work. To begin paying better attention to what God is doing around you, read What is God up to.

Don’t be an accidental witness. Witness on purpose.

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