This is a journey of discovery — a call to explore your relationship with Christ. Invite God to speak to you. Read MATTHEW 13:44-46. What stands out to you?

There are incredible joys that you can only experience through greater obedience to Christ. Along with discovering truth you need to experience it personally. You’ll do that by working through these questions with a coach and asking God for a specific action step to take.

Take some time to really think through each of the questions below. Type your answers in the spaces provided (but please register or log in first!) and you’ll be connected to a coach who will write back to you. You can ask your mentor anything and you can be sure that he or she will be praying for you throughout this series.

We’re going to talk a lot about the Life prayer. If you didn’t quite catch it in the video, here it is. Write this out somewhere where you’ll see it often or get a Life Card to remind you of the commitment.

“Dear Jesus, I want You in the center of my life and commit through Your power to serve and obey You. Anytime. Anywhere. At any cost. To do anything.”