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Treasure: Jesus is Worth Everything

7 Part Series, By The Life Team, Treasure 

Treasure is a journey of discovery—a call to explore your relationship with Christ. In each session, you will follow stories of several people as you discover what it truly means to be fully committed to Jesus. You'll study Scripture, watch a film and work through some discussion questions either with a small group or with your own study coach!

In a small group, the Treasure Discovery Guide will help you get the most out of this seven-week experience. Alternatively, you may use the form in each session to submit your answers and you’ll hear back from a coach by email.

Treasure. Jesus is Worth Everything. Are you in? Start Treasure today.

Already doing Treasure? GREAT! Get the resources.

Treasure: Starter kit

Treasure: Starter kit

The whole shebang includes a DVD with bonus features, a flash drive with HD versions of the films, 30 Life Cards, and the Discovery Guide. It even comes in an awesome treasure box! All of that for only $49!

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  1. Treasure Session1


    Give everything to Jesus and you’ll discover the priceless treasure of life with Him. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Worth it? Definitely.

  2. Breathe Session2


    How do you keep a total commitment to Jesus? Alone, you can’t. But you’re never on your own. You have the Holy Spirit.

  3. Love Session3


    Following Jesus isn’t about rules, duty, or sacrifice. It’s about love: receiving God’s love, loving God, and giving His love to others.

  4. See Session4


    When you look through God’s eyes, you see people for who they could become. Then you get to join Him in redeeming the world.

  5. Journey Session5


    Sharing your faith can be a little scary. But really, there’s nothing more fun than helping a friend discover the treasure of Jesus.

  6. Inspire Session6


    You’ve been designed to make a one-of-a-kind impact on the people around you as you live out your unique calling.

  7. Celebrate Session7


    Some gifts are too good to keep to ourselves. The more we share this treasure, the bigger it gets, and the more we get to celebrate.