"How are you doing?” “What’s the toughest part about being a parent?” “If you won a million bucks, how would you spend it?” “What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?”

We love it when our friends ask us questions. A good question shows that they are interested in us. It forces us to figure out who we really are and how we see the world. A good question might help us realize we don’t have all the answers.

Spiritual curiosity begins with asking friends questions about the things that matter most.

Get Ready

Read John 4:5-15.

Starting a spiritual conversation with this woman was not the obvious thing for Jesus to do. What kind of special effort did Jesus make and what kind of risks did he take to connect with her? Think about the people you know and pray for. What kind of risks will it take to connect with them? What might it cost you?

By the end of the passage, the Samaritan woman is spiritually curious and open to learning more. What steps did Jesus takes to move the conversation to that point? Could you do something similar in a conversation with a friend? How would you do it?

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updated August 2019

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Photo Credit: Karina Carvalho