"Home from the movies. Just saw ______. So awesome. Totally worth the $$.” Have you ever posted something like that online?

When we’re excited about something, we talk about it. We rave about the new restaurant with the ridiculously good chicken wings. We blog about the amazing difference this diet or that exercise plan is making in our lives.

Why should it be any different with Jesus? There are all kinds of ways we can bring Christ into the conversation when we stop hiding who we really are.

Get Ready

Read John 4:7-30.

  1. Meeting Jesus was so exciting to the Samaritan woman that she told her entire village about him. Why do you think this was such a powerful encounter for the woman? How did Jesus change her life?
  2. Think about your own “before” and “after” with Jesus. (If you can’t remember a time before you trusted Jesus, imagine what your life would be like if you erased Jesus from it.) What is one story you could tell someone about how Jesus has changed your life?

Bonus Features

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Photo Credit: Allef Vinicius