When we see a great movie or find an awesome deal we can’t wait to tell our friends. But when it comes to talking about spiritual things we clam up. We tell ourselves that they’re not interested, that they might be offended.

But what if we were wrong and the people around us really DID want to hear about God?

A small film crew set out to interview 300 people about faith, fear and whether or not Canada is ready for the Gospel. Over 14,000km and 300 interviews later, they had an answer.

Before we can start talking to people about Jesus, we need to find a new appreciation for how much they really do need to know Him.  We need to pray for transformed eyes so we can see the lost around us.

As you watch the film be on the lookout for stories that sound familiar. There are people in your world just like the ones in this documentary, people who are ready to hear. Don’t let them just pass on by.

After watching the film, spend some time considering these questions:

  1. Why can it be hard to see the needs of the lost people around you?
  2. Has this film changed the way you think about the lost?
  3. Which person in your life do you need to start seeing from God’s perspective?

Photo Credit: Kat Northern Lights Man