Praise is a valuable weapon against the enemy. War cries or incantations can’t drive back the forces of evil. But the simple and true praise of the Savior from a heart set free keeps the powers of darkness at bay.

Christians are engaged in a battle, but going on the warpath won’t win this fight. It can even make matters worse. We can easily get caught up searching for evil in the world and trying to root it out; but by focusing on evil so much we can bring the evil right to us.

The best way to go after the enemy is with Christ on our minds and praise for him in our hearts. We do this unconsciously, all the time. When you sing a song of praise as you go about your tasks, unseen demons rush for cover.

As illustrated by Albrecht Durer’s etchings, which depict hosts of angelic beings and demons warring high in the sky over peaceful, tranquil landscapes, we have little knowledge of what is really going on in the heavenly realms around us. We do not have to check behind every door. It’s better if we don’t. We need only be in Jesus’ presence, praising him. The enemy flees at the mere sound of his name.

Jesus is our constant protection. He is our most valuable possession. The best protection against evil is a heart bent toward the good — seeking God in all things. Light does not fight with darkness. There is no wrestling match necessary. Light simply banishes darkness by its very nature, for darkness is but the absence of light.

updated August 2019

Photo Credit: Joshua Earle