You have more experience than you realize. Think back a few years — what was your parenting style like when your kids were infants? What do you wish you had known your first year of marriage? What do you know about God today that you did not know when you were younger? You have a wealth of knowledge, and with online mentoring there's an easy way to use your past experiences to have spiritual conversations.

Online mentoring connects people asking questions to Christians who are willing to have a conversation. Wikipedia describes mentorship as "an ongoing relationship of learning, dialog, and challenge." Mentoring is investing in the lives of others so that through faith both will see the harvest.

The opportunity is huge. Together with our partners, we have thousands of people a week asking questions, seeking answers to life issues, wanting to know more about God, or discovering Jesus. Even with almost hundreds of mentors worldwide it is impossible to keep up. That's where you come in. People are searching and we need your help to make sure someone is there to quickly provide answers and, ultimately, to share the hope of Christ.

Mentoring through TMM.iois easy, safe and effective. As a mentor you get to choose messages that match your experience and you can set how many you want to receive each week. Community coaches are there to help and our software will protect your privacy (you'll never have to give out your personal email address).

Hugh, one of our mentors, had this to say about his experience:

I love it. My wife passed away last Christmas so I'm alone now in the world and the mentoring of other people really has been a life saver for me. It has helped so much. I prayed for a ministry I could become involved with and God certainly answered my prayer.

Mentoring is an excellent way to put into practice all the things you're learning on this life journey.

updated August 2019

Photo Credit: Etienne Boulanger