They all voiced the same thing. Different people, different ages, and different stages in life, the desire of their hearts echoing from their individual corners: “I want to go deeper with God.”

We often hear this phrase said by individuals and in churches. When I kept hearing it repeated, I began to ask, “What do you mean by 'going deeper'?” One person wanted to hear God’s voice more clearly and be guided in intercessory prayer. Another wanted to feel God close in every way and increase her intimacy with her Lord. Still another wanted more knowledge of the Bible and what God says about Himself and about us. Another wanted to bring people to a point of brokenness over sin, and see God work to replace apathy with desire.

Deep longings

God’s Spirit is clearly moving to draw us to Himself in new ways. Some don't recognize this desire as the drawing of the Spirit. Their hearts are unsatisfied, and they go looking for more. So, they search for new career direction, a new church to attend, a new romance, or new ways to make money.

God put this longing for satisfaction and fulfillment in our hearts. In the midst of the book of Ecclesiastes, He reveals the source of our longing. He says, “God has set eternity in the hearts of men” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). God has put in us a craving for the things of eternal value. Futile and frantic running after possessions, titles, and relationships eventually exhausts us. God’s Spirit is there to take us deeper into the things that matter — the things that have value for eternity.

Answering the call

How do we answer this call of eternity in our hearts? How do we move our own walk with God to a deeper level, especially when depth looks different to different people?

I believe the answer lies in entering into God’s presence. Yet what does such a lofty sounding act really look like on a Monday morning or a Wednesday afternoon, when the dust of life is gritty on our faces?

We know that without God’s presence, a Bible study is simply a class offering knowledge. A prayer time is merely a recital of wants and desires. Without God’s presence to wash over our souls and bring refreshment, we find ourselves stuck in the messiness of the daily grind.

God calls us to His presence. It is there we find the renewal our soul desires. It is there we find the depth we need. It is there we find our longing fulfilled.

We find the clues to this deeper level of knowing Him sprinkled throughout Scripture.

Let your heart hear the call to:

Feeding your soul

“How priceless is Your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of Your wings.They feast on the abundance of Your house; You give them drink from Your river of delights” (Psalm 36:7-8)

God knows the deep parts of our hearts. He knows we will be hungry and thirsty from the journey, and He puts the desire in our hearts for something that will have true and lasting value.

Only He has the answer to that longing — He offers us Himself and His presence. He even tells us the route to get there: we are to feast on His abundance.

Feasting on His abundance simply means responding to the greatness of God. It brings thanksgiving and singing and a boldness to see God act in all of His greatness.

Feasting on His abundance means looking beyond the hardship of the moment to the power and majesty of God. He meets us with His strength in the middle of the dust storm.

Feed your soul with the freshness of the knowledge that:

Let the reality of who God is settle over your soul and wash off the dust of discouragement. Lay the truth of His character over your circumstances. Drink from this river and you will find new depth and deep satisfaction that will answer the longing of eternity that is in your heart. Go deeper with God by entering into His presence — the longing of your heart will be satisfied there.

Photo Credit: Neven Krcmarek