What is the kingdom of Heaven? Jesus said it was like a mustard seed or yeast – posessing great potential. In Matthew 13 Jesus goes on to show us that the kingdom of Heaven is something to pursue, something infinitely worth having. Would you sell everything you have to gain it?

If you’ve prayed The Life Prayer then you’ve already considered what the kingdom of Heaven is worth. If you’re not familiar with the prayer, take another look at it:

Dear Jesus, I want you in the center of my life and commit through your power to serve and obey you. Anytime. Anywhere. At any cost. To do anything.

The kingdom of Heaven isn’t a place you can locate on a map; it’s more of a reality. The kingdom of Heaven is the creator of the whole universe choosing to become one of us. It’s what happens when you truly encounter Jesus.

Jesus really is worth everything. If you’re living your life for anything else, you’re missing out. Joy doesn’t come when you consider what you’ve given up, but when you look at what you’ve gained. Compared to the kingdom of Heaven everything else – relationships, comfort, security – everything else comes a distant second.

So what drives you today? What you are hoping for? What are you running toward? Do you have the kingdom of Heaven in your sights? Take time again today to ask God to refocus your life on the things that move His heart. Your family, your work and your life will never be the same.