“Dad, is there a pool at the hotel?”

Our car had no air conditioning. We eventually decided that sweltering with the windows closed was better than being slow-roasted by hot winds with the windows open. When we finally stopped, our sons couldn’t run fast enough to jump into the cool water.

Life can be like that journey—hot, draining, and exhausting—but for weary travellers who know Jesus, there is good news. Ahead lies a great river of life, pure and clear as crystal, flowing from God’s throne through the center of the city.

Believers will drink from that river and never thirst again. They will eat the fruit of its trees and never hunger again. It will be accessible to all without cost or limitation.

Jonathan Edwards wrote that if you follow Jesus, “all your bad will turn out for good; all your good can never be taken away; and all your best is yet to come.”

Yes, there’s a pool at the end of the journey, and it’s like none you’ve ever seen. It’s an eternally renewing river.

God and Jesus the lamb will be there. Sin, tears, and death will not. Will you?

Jesus, I am living in the midst of challenges and pleasures today. I cannot do otherwise. But I want to be anchored to Your eternal hope, looking forward to the great riches of being present with You and Your son Jesus. Help me today to be renewed in that hope as a source of confidence and joy. Amen.

Take Action

One of the most important anchors you can have is to be grounded in the hope of a future in God’s presence. This is an ultimate hope that places all the concerns of this life in eternal perspective. If you truly grasped this great hope, what would be different for you today? Tell God where your perspective needs to change. Ask Him to renew your mind.

Center your life on Christ. Watch Treasure: Jesus is Worthy Everything.

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