Me a missionary? No way. Not cut out to live without running water or electricity. Hot, sultry weather and I do not get along well. I’ll support missionaries, but don’t send me. Please.

That used to be my attitude until God found a way to use me as a writer and editor for Power to Change. He took my talent for wordsmithing and turned it into a ministry.

God can do the same for you.

How we live, speak, use our talents, and relate to others says a great deal about who we are as Christ-followers. If we do the four things mentioned in 1 Chronicles — give thanks to God, call on him, tell others about what he has done, and praise him — then we qualify to be missionaries.

Do you see the pattern? In all circumstances, we are to give thanks (IThesssalonians 5:18). Our Lord wants us to call on him and not rely on our own strength to get us through. Then, once he acts, we are to tell others about it and give him praise.

We each have a story. God has moved in our lives in some way that prompted us to turn to him. Right now, more than ever, that is what people need to hear. A message of hope. Join me in the mission field, folks. Go tell someone else what wonderful things God has and is doing.

Dearest Lord, even when things seem dark and unfamiliar, remind me I have your light inside me. I am not alone. You are here, and you care. Use me to tell others about the ways you act in my life, and let me always give you thanks and praise, no matter the circumstances. Amen.

Go Deeper — Write down one good thing that has happened in the past few weeks that you can attribute to God's ever-presence and mercy. Thank him and praise him for it. Now go tell someone else about it.

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Photo Credit: Bernard Hermant