People tend to share their struggles with you, knowing you will listen to them with love and empathy. Joy fills your heart whenever you see God answer your prayers for people in amazing ways.

If this sounds like you, online mentoring could be for you.

The internet is a powerful tool that allows us to instantly communicate with people no matter where they are. Each day, we receive hundreds of emails from around the world from people struggling with various issues. Our team of mentors takes the time to read each one carefully and prayerfully, asking God to direct their thoughts and words as they answer each message.

What does it take to become a mentor?

Mentors are just ordinary followers of Jesus willing to step out in faith and join people on their spiritual journey. They are able to touch lives everywhere using their own electronic devices, from their own homes, according to their own schedules, all the while trusting that the Holy Spirit will have his way in these online conversations.

Would you like to see God use you as an online missionary?

Visit today to find out more. Doing so could open the door to a lifetime of effective and fruitful ministry as you help people draw closer to Jesus, one conversation at a time.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Velasquez