Are you concerned by the world’s intoxicating influence on your mind? Perhaps, like me, the onslaught of mainstream media’s indoctrination, the toxicity of immoral societal influences, and the deterioration of sound moral discernment alarms you. Confusion runs rampant, like an inconvenient wildfire consuming every consideration, creed, and comfort. How do I sustain my spiritual integrity by unapologetically and confidently living out my faith in a world with conflicting ideals?

In Romans 12, Paul, fully aware of alluring cultural influences, provides us with sound timely counsel. He emphatically warns Christ followers not to emulate cultural norms or be enticed by worldly ways because they conflict with God’s will. Instead, Paul counsels us to counter the enticing values and influences by renewing our mind. He assures us that when we renew our minds, we will discern the difference between the world’s will and God’s will and respond accordingly, without remorse or compromise.

As Christ followers living in a fallen, confused world, we cannot allow the world’s standards to influence how we live life. God desires to align our values and actions through his Word. When we allow God to renew our minds through the continuing influence of his Word, we inherently counter our cultural confusion and oppression by boldly and confidently discerning God’s way from the world’s way. Renewing our minds allows God to impress his Word and his will on our conscience, and our minds influence the actions of our hearts, thus reflecting and accomplishing “…his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that I am your redeemed child. Protect my heart and mind from the relentless seduction of the world. Create in me an insatiable hunger for your Word. May your Holy Spirit teach and lead me into all truth — so that I may reflect and accomplish your “…good, pleasing and perfect will,” without compromise. Amen.

Throughout this Day: Ask the Lord to help you renew your mind, to allow his Word to influence you more than the world. Commit to reading your bible daily and to study and memorize God’s Word.

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Photo Credit: Daniel Lo on Unsplash