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3 Tips for reading the Bible

  1. Start small.

If you are just getting started, begin reading parts of the Bible that are easy to understand and are helpful for first-time readers, such as Luke and Acts. By reading Luke, we get to know who Jesus is. By reading Acts, we discover what Christianity looks like.

The easy method for reading the whole Bible in a year is to read three chapters a day on week days and four chapters on Saturday and Sunday.This gives you an understanding of the whole story.

  1. Read in community.

Join a church Bible study group that focuses on a specific book of the Bible so you can learn from others as they share what they are seeing in the text. This can also lead to developing Christian friendships and learning to live out your faith together. Studying the Bible is different from reading the Bible. It can seem daunting, but the next few episodes will explain more about how to do so.

  1. Consult helpful resources.

When studying the Bible, it is a good idea to consult certain helpful resources. A good commentary and a Bible dictionary are a must. A good study Bible is also very helpful, as it offers cross-references and comments to better explain the text.

How to choose a good Bible commentary

It is wise to choose a commentary written by trustworthy scholars who have a deep knowledge of the Bible. Ask your pastor to suggest some.

A good Bible dictionary does not only offer definitions of words found in the Bible. It also offers historical or theological information that helps us better understand the cultural and spiritual context of the book or passage.

Learn so you can help others learn, in the context of the local church. When we help others discover the Bible, we grow in our own understanding. When the pastor hears that you are studying the Bible, he will certainly help you become more involved in teaching or discipling others.

To start, slowly read one book, like Luke, in a study Bible, taking the time to read the comments and consult the cross-references.

To learn more about how to study the Bible, read Gordon Fee, How to Read the Bible for All its Worth or consult the book summaries produced by The Bible Project.

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