This remarkable story could start a new adventure for you. Let me tell you how.

Jesus had just displayed his life-changing power. A man, possessed by a legion of demons, was wonderfully and completely freed from their destructive power. Then Jesus gave the man a new purpose. “Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” When Jesus visited the same region again, large crowds came to see him.

Jesus still works in powerful ways, healing what is broken, connecting people to God, renewing hope, and giving purpose. What if you could be a part of Jesus’s work in a very special way? Well, you can!

People come to, every day — young, old, seeking, asking questions, looking for hope. We connect them with volunteer mentors who can help them. And that’s the adventure — being part of Jesus coming into their life with his love.

But we have a problem. There are many more people looking for hope than we have mentors. That’s where you come in. You can help from your own home, in just the slice of time, larger or smaller, that you are able to give. You can be a part of changing lives forever. Really! You can.

Jesus has the power. You have the message. We have the training and system to connect you. Find out more here. There’s no joy quite like helping someone learn how Jesus can change his or her life.

Jesus, you have worked so wonderfully to change my life. I’m so thankful for what you have done. May I be a person who brings new hope to others in any way that you lead. Amen.

Go Deeper — Write down two or three things God has helped you get through. It may be a death of a loved one, an addiction, an unforgiving spirit, or a deep period of doubt. It could be raising a child, or letting one go. Whatever it is, someone who is entering that situation could use your empathy! Pray about how you can help, knowing God will equip you and that the mentoring team at The Life will guide you.

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Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder