I recently went to a massive garage sale. A widow from my church was selling her husband’s outdoor gear. The mile-long, rugged gravel driveway up the side of a mountain could not prepare me for the vast quantity of stuff I’d see ― more than 20 rifles, a dozen fishing rods, sleeping bags rated even for “Canadian” winters, and enough fishing lures to outfit a summer camp. I couldn’t help but wonder how much money they’d spent over the years on the hobbies he loved. $100,000 would be a low estimate, in my opinion. I stood there a little in shock.

Now, I didn’t know his heart or where he was at in his walk with the Lord, but as I drove away with my small box of treasures, it became about my heart. Today’s verse spoke to me loud and clear.

What will be at the garage sale after I die? What will I spend my life accumulating only to leave it all behind?

How we spend our money and time reveals what we treasure. If I’m honest with myself, I’d have to say my spending habits and use of time often do not line up with the values Jesus embodied.

It’s easy to forget that Jesus is to be our ultimate treasure and that the joy He offers us far surpasses anything we can experience on our own. In fact, it is a joy that will continue into eternity, and in the meantime, shapes our desires to treasure what He treasures — to prioritize and pursue the acts of love that moth and rust will never destroy.

Dear Jesus, I so easily get my priorities and values out of alignment with you. You are the Lord of my heart and all of my affections. Please create in me a heart that treasures you and your kingdom above all else. Amen.

Go Deeper — Write Psalm 16:11 on a sticky-note or paper and put it somewhere you’ll see it often: “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Whenever you see it, remind yourself of the greater joy Jesus is inviting you into. Tell Him, “Jesus, you are my greatest treasure.”

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Photo Credit: Mi Pham