As I prepared to leave the kids at Grandma’s house overnight, memories sprung up about my childhood camping trips and weekend sleepovers. My parents stuffed everything I needed in a duffel bag and goaded me out the front door. They reminded me to stay out of trouble, keep hydrated, and of course have fun.

The first few times away I became homesick. I missed Mom and Dad, and even my little sister who did not know how to utter a word yet. All of us together made our house a home — a place filled with love and happiness.

As a husband and dad, I still suffer from homesickness now and then, especially when I am gone on a business trip alone. But there was another kind of trip away from the family that concerned me. It was the one-way journey we would all make one day, and the last stop ends at the front gate of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus hints that the separation time from the people we leave behind will last only awhile. This is because our Father in heaven promised to prepare a special place for us to gather once more, where loved ones will never be apart from us again on account of an unwanted business trip.

The special place is our Father’s house, and each room is primed for us with care and love. No one becomes homesick there. Our heavenly Father longs for his faithful followers to reside with him and experience perfect happiness forevermore. We are his daughters and sons. He wants us back safely with him after our plight in this distant land ends.

Father, thank you for promising to prepare a place for me in your house. And since I often forget this world is not my home, I ask that you gently guide me to your front doorstep when it is time to make my way back. Amen.

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Photo Credit: Johanes Plenio