There is a scene in the movie, Spartan 300, where a deformed Greek, born to Spartan parents, wants to stand with the Spartans and fight. The Spartans were encouraged since youth to be fierce.

But, the deformed Greek is told that because he is unable stand erect, he cannot fight alongside them due to lacking the ability of raising his shield high enough to provide protection to his neighboring Spartan. Spartan warfare is fought in phalanx formation wherein the shield is not only to protect the soldier but also to protect the warrior next to him.

I try to imagine myself in this scene. Wanting to stand next to a great warrior, a king. Asking him to use his shield to protect me. Wanting to use my shield to protect him. Being told, “No.” I am too deformed. Too flawed. Imperfect. Not enough.

The Lord is our warrior king. He is the fiercest warrior and commander of heavenly armies (Revelation 19:11-16) who battle evil, principalities, and enemies, some of which we often cannot see.

There is a crucial fundamental difference between us and the Spartans, however. There is no warrior too deformed among us in God’s eyes. All who wish to fight his battle are welcome. We are enough for God because he gives us the strength and means we need in battle, especially the spiritual ones.

What is more, God is the warrior in the phalanx next to you. God’s shield is protecting you.

God, thank you for using your shield to protect me. Every battle I fight is also your battle as you fight alongside me. Please guide me in the ways of a warrior, fighting with and for the warrior beside me. Amen.

Go Deeper — When was the last time you felt the power of God’s shield? How does knowing that you are fighting next to the fiercest of warriors strengthen your resolve?

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Photo Credit: Henry Hustava