An anxiety attack struck on the day I planned on volunteering at a local organization. I sat outside and practiced mindfulness exercises to help control my anxiety. After this, I opened the Bible app on my phone. While I read a few verses on anxiety, questions popped into my mind. Did I not volunteer today? Did I have the capacity to volunteer? I felt as if I was looking into the dark depths of a room lit by a candle. A haze of gray stretched out of the reach of the light, hiding the answers to my questions.

First Peter 5:8, today’s passage, had me pondering a new question. What if the devil was attempting to stop me from volunteering at a Christ-driven organization? With God’s Word and this question, my mind became more alert and the answer became clearer. I did not have to look into hidden depths for an answer. God’s answer was the candle flame, burning bright.

Our minds are a powerful tool God can use to guide us. A mind that pushes beyond distractions and anxieties to a place of peace finds clarity. A mind that knows the Scriptures finds discernment and wisdom. A mind that seeks faith discovers authentic relationships. A mind that seeks God finds the ultimate answers to every dilemma.

Unfortunately, the devil also delights in the power of our minds. He hides in the shadows, out of sight, waiting for moments when we feel as if we’re in a dark room and have only a candle as light. He wants us to study the shadows and question our purpose.

For me, I heard his lie that I did not have the capacity to volunteer that day. Yet God’s Word told me the truth, and I listened. I gave my anxieties to God and asked for his peace for this couple hours of volunteering. I requested to be his hands, and I went.

Prayer: Lord, you have created me with a powerful mind. When I feel the pull of distraction, worry, or anxiety, may I remember to seek answers from you first. May I have a mind alert enough to hear the devil’s approach, and may I have the strength to ward off his attempts to shove me off your path.

Throughout this Day: Make a conscious effort to be alert and discern which thoughts might be from the enemy and which might be from God. How can you tell the difference? Read God’s Word, which is always full of truth. If your thoughts don’t align with his Word, ask the Holy Spirit to renew your mind. If you need help starting off, pray the Armor of God.

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