In "True Things", J.J. Heller sings of what shapes her identity. The songwriter claims that she is not the clothes she wears nor the car she drives nor the songs she writes nor the mistakes she makes. She calls to God to remind her of who she is:

Would you say again what you said to me I am loved and I am free I believe, help my unbelief

I sometimes struggle with the same identity crisis. I would like to say I am not defined by my brand of running shoes nor car nor roles like husband and professor. But of course these things shape me, and to say they don't is a bit dishonest. The catch is this - if I rely on material things or even relational roles to define me, I may ignore deeper truth of who I am in God. Like Heller, I need God to remind me of His love and freeing sacrifice to provide lasting significance.

And this is why I love Easter, because it helps shape my identity and curb my unbelief. Through Jesus' death I know God's immense love for me, and because of Jesus' shed blood I know God forgives my sin, and His resurrection has power over death.

God, amidst all the ways I define who I am, may I not forget that you love, forgive, and empower me. Help me receive your love, and confess my sin more often, that I may experience your freeing grace. Amen.

Today's Challenge: Complete the statement "I am ____________." Do so fifteen times. Consider the terms that you use to define yourself and which ones indicate God's love, forgiveness, and empowerment for you.

God just helped you see yourself as He sees you - you could do the same for someone else by becoming a mentor!

How do you define yourself? Do you rest in God's care, redemption, and power, or do you lean on flimsy achievements or fashion or roles? How might the death and resurrection of Jesus help you adopt an Easter identity?

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