“They exchanged the glory of God for the image of an ox that eats grass.” Psalm 106:20

I confess. I fell for it. It sounded like a good deal. Well, to be honest, not entirely. I knew the “genuine fake Rolex watch” offered for $12 was not real. But, really, how bad could it be? The second hand swept the dial. It was keeping time. Why not try it?

Two days later the band broke. I patched it with a bit of wire. The crystal fell off. Out came the super glue. It was leaving a black smudge on my wrist. Annoying! Maybe I should have bought the “better quality fake” I’d been offered for $18? Then it stopped keeping time entirely.

So it always goes with the fake, the phony, the imitation, the too-good-to-be-true bargain. Shiny at first, these things inevitably disappoint, often quickly. Authenticity matters.

In the wilderness the Israelites made history’s worst bargain. They traded the glory of the God who had rescued them from slavery in Egypt for the image of a grass-eating farm animal. What were they thinking? Disappointment and disaster followed. Quickly!

It’s a bad trade to put anything other than God into the first place in your life. Disappointment is certain. Temporary fixes can delay disaster, but only embracing the real thing will solve the problem.

Make it a daily discipline to put Christ in first place in your life. If anything else is sneaking its way into the center, swap it out. Don’t wait. Now is the time. It will be a good trade. In Him you will find true life.

Lord Jesus, today I will put You in the first place in my life. Help me to honour that choice and make it again tomorrow and every day after. Amen.

Take Action

Examine your priorities. What is in the top spot? Do you need to make a better trade? Confess to God any ways you are not keeping Him in the center of your life.

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