What? There's no way I'm doing this. These thoughts ran through my head six years ago as the announcement being made, somewhat against my will, said I would be a senior high girls’ youth group leader. Oh boy! While the news brought clapping and cheers, I was mortified.

What do I know about being a spiritual leader to teenagers? As a teen, I rebelled, got depressed, and hated...everything. Now, I'm supposed to lead a group of young women through the minefield of adolescence? Seriously?

Yet, I felt God telling me He'd take the negative from my young life and use it for good. Then, He filled my heart with love and compassion for young women who, coincidentally, were struggling with the same things I had. As resistant as I was back then, God had called me and used me to love, encourage, and pray for His precious daughters who, joyfully, became my daughters.

Jeremiah, one of my favorite prophets, was also called and set apart to do something difficult that he, initially, resisted. He felt completely inadequate and endured decades of rejection and abuse within his fruitless ministry. I feel for the guy.

However, Jeremiah carried out his call because God promised to give him the words to say, while guiding and protecting him despite opposition. Jeremiah's incredible God is our incredible God. He won't call us into something without equipping us and walking with us through it. Answering God's call brings enrichment beyond imagination. May our resistance never overpower our obedience.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the faithful example of Jeremiah and the other prophets in the Word whom you called to do your will and work. I take comfort knowing that no matter where you call me to go, you will always equip me as I go with you. Lord, please bless and strengthen those, right now, who are living out your call on their lives and facing doubts or opposition. In Jesus' powerful name I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper — Think of a time when God called you into something you initially resisted. Remember how God cared and provided for you while fulfilling His call. And if you are there now, write down the prayer in this devotional and pray it often.

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Photo Credit: Josh Clemence