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Call Me

7 Part Series, By The Life Team, Treasure 

Many of us obsess about God’s calling on our lives. We may wonder what kind of career God is leading us to, we dream about making a difference, about falling into the exact and concrete will of God. And when things don’t fall into place like we think they should, we wonder whether or not we even have a calling.

The fact is, each of us is called to something. For some of us, that translates into a clearly defined career. But for many others, it’s more like a motto: to lead a humble life of service to God wherever we find ourselves. In this series, we explore this idea of God’s call and the distinct purpose He has for each one of us.

  1. Discovering Your Calling Session1

    Discovering Your Calling

    For some of us, the road is full of hairpin curves and bumps and long detours. It’s easy to wonder, “Did I make a wrong turn somewhere? Shouldn’t I be farther ahead by now? Do I even have a calling?”

  2. When Pride Comes After the Call Session5

    When Pride Comes After the Call

    Whether it’s playing a better sax solo, scoring more goals, having “a better bod,” a bigger paycheck, or a nicer home, most of us find ourselves, sooner or later, stuck in the comparison trap.