It takes courage to obey the voice of God. I can imagine Jeremiah shaking in his sandals the moment God called him to be His mouthpiece to the children of Israel. A young man with his whole life ahead of him and yet God asks Jeremiah to, “Get up and go tell everything that I tell you to say.”

Obedience to God requires faith. Our lives can change drastically based on one word or assignment given by God. As we continue to read through the book of Jeremiah, we find that Jeremiah is instructed not to marry. Much like Jeremiah, many of us will find ourselves on this journey by ourselves.

Obedience oftentimes requires us to walk alone. Not everyone is called to go where we are assigned to go. Jeremiah was a trooper as he continued walking out the assignment he had been given. There were times that he wanted to give up, cave in and quit but he could not bring himself to do it. His purpose was so deeply embedded that it seeped out.

How about you? Are you fully invested in your assignment? Have you made the decision to walk by faith and trust the plan of God?

Jeremiah’s faith to continue even through tribulation should encourage us that God is always with us. Remember, walking by faith means we have no clear view of what is ahead. If we are to fulfill our assignment here on earth, we will have to muster up the courage to get up and go at God’s command.

Father God, work in me the will and the desire to continue moving forward in obedience and walk out my faith before you even as Jeremiah and others did in scripture. When my courage is waning infuse me with your inner strength, I pray. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Photo Credit: Everton Vila