When was the last time you received an unexpected free gift from someone? The best things in life are free — product samples, clothes, hugs, food. I am beyond delighted when I receive a free gift with no strings attached. It is especially wonderful if it is something I didn’t anticipate!

There is no doubt in my mind that the least expected and most undeserved gift I ever received was when the Lord called my name. This sin-stained girl accepted Him into her heart and life and became transformed.

When I think about that day I was saved, a humility and gratitude washes over me. There was absolutely no reason why God should have given me the gift of salvation, but He did. It was the greatest package wrapped up by a great God, without any conditions. In my prayers, I hug my Heavenly Father repeatedly. I thank Him for the freedom I once didn’t wish to receive, thinking it would only be a prison of rules.

Now I can say without hesitation, there is no greater liberation than the endowment of eternity I have from my Divine Dad. The best things in this Christian life are, indeed, free. There are no stipulations, constraints, or prerequisites in receiving the offering called salvation that's wrapped in a hug.

Receive the freedom of salvation you can keep for eternity. When we are met with the pain and hurt of this world that Jesus told us we can expect, there is comfort in knowing that it won’t be like this forever. What a gift!

Father God, you know in my heart how grateful I am that you broke through into my life, saving me from certain death. Thank you for never giving up on me all those years so that I could come to truly know what your salvation gift really means. May I be a blessing to you, as part of your kingdom, each day that I have on this earth. Please use me to tell others about the beautiful gift of freedom given through your saving grace. It is in Jesus' precious name I pray, amen.

Go Deeper — Take some time to allow today's verse to remind you of God's goodness and grace, while giving Him “hugs” in response to His gift of salvation that, without limit, was offered to you.

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Photo Credit: Stefan Gessert