Have you ever kept cards and letters in a drawer? Or saved emails and picures to a cloud because you wanted to keep them as a memory. Once you see them again, you’ll smile because they remind you of the person who sent them.

Remembering can be a good thing. It's nice to recall the people who have meant a lot to us in our lives. How much better to revisit what God has done for them, and for us. It helps us realize that good things do exist in this world and that God is faithful.

We feel that way about the volunteer devotional writers who have dedicated their talents and time over the years to The Life.com. So, for the month of February, we are pulling 28 of their devotionals out of our archives to share with you again. Some still write for The Life.com, some have moved on. All are appreciated with fondness.

If you have been following our devotionals a while, perhaps you’ll recognize some of them. It might bring up memories for you, too. Or stir up new emotions in you. Whether you’ve read them before or are reading them for the first time, we believe God will use them for his glory.

We hope that during this short month, you’ll enjoy this traipse down memory lane with us at The Life.com. May these devotionals bless you — whether once again or for the first time.

Lord, bring to my mind the people and things that have meant the most to me, knowing all good things come from you. Then let me rejoice, and write them down as a reminder of your gracious and merciful love. Amen.

Go Deeper — if you have never done this, consider starting a prayer journal. It is a diary of your thoughts and conversations with God. If you do, and then look back and reread them in a few months or years, it will encourage you to see how God moved in your life.

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Photo Credit: Debby Hudson