It has been said that life is all about relationships. How true! When I was in business, my success depended on my relationships with clients. When I was in political office, what got me re-elected was my relationships with voters.

Relationships are one of God’s highest priorities. Our eternal destination is dependent on our relationship with Jesus, and we are to live out our faith in him through our earthly relationships.

The captain of a commercial aircraft needs a crew, as he cannot fly in isolation. He needs assistance on board and on the ground to get him from wheels up to touchdown. We too need others to join us in our Christian walk.

It is difficult to grow spiritually in isolation. We need the encouragement and teaching of others and we need accountability in our walk.

Jesus says that being spiritually connected to him is like being attached to a vine. You’re not going to have any fruitfulness or productivity if you’re out there on your own.

If you haven’t seen very much spiritual growth in your life lately, could it be that you’ve allowed other priorities to weaken your connection to Jesus and to the body of Christ?

Lord God, thank you for grafting us into Jesus, your Son. Help me focus and depend on him as the true vine so I may produce more and more fruit. Show me how I can experience deeper community with other Christians who remain in him. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Think of the people who encourage you to deepen your walk with Jesus, and also think of the lives you are seeking to speak in to. Consider connecting with one of them today.

Consider becoming an online mentor.

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Photo Credit: Mariah Hewines on Unsplash