God asked him to minister to a group of people that no one else wanted to reach. His peers told him he was crazy to give up a promising career, but Jim Elliot knew God was calling him to the jungles of Ecuador. He died there.

Eric Liddell felt God’s pleasure when he ran, but when he was asked to race on a Sunday, he started to realize that other things were more important than winning an Olympic medal in 1924. Ultimately, he went to China to reach the lost people there.

Paul did not allow personal success as a Pharisee and the approval of men to keep him from his appointed task of reaching the Gentile world with the Gospel. He was very clear in his call and understanding that God had actually appointed him from his mother’s womb to be a missionary.

From a young age, I believe God called me to be a missionary teacher. I have been able to teach in countries like Nepal, Peru, Cuba, and Mexico on short term mission trips but instead of children, I have mostly taught young adults and married couples in Canada about discipleship and relationships. Not what I expected, or would have chosen. God’s call for me has not always made sense to others, either. But it is fulfilling.

What is God’s call for you? Is his voice clear? Are you able to put aside the need for the approval of family and friends in order to hear him and answer his call?

Father God, you called Jim, Eric, Paul, and many others to serve you in the countries of the world, despite difficulty or death. Their friends and family did not always understand. Help me to hear your voice and call on my life, and may I be bold enough to follow you wherever you lead me! Amen.

Go Deeper — There is a whole world online who is waiting for answers. Consider reaching out through online mentoring. I am an online mentor, and am surprised by how easy it is to minister to people in many countries of the world! There is a lot of anxiety out there right now, so God may be calling you to respond.

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