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Frequently Asked Questions (Chat)

Special Notice

Thank you for your interest and involvement in our chat rooms at We have enjoyed getting to know so many of you during the past twenty-some years! So many memories have been made here, and we celebrate what God has done.

The rooms will be closing after June 12th. Although the chat rooms will no longer be available, we continue to offer a free, confidential mentoring service. Our large team of mentors would love to support you, pray for you, and encourage you one-on-one via email or private message.

Some of our chat moderators also serve as mentors, so depending on their availability, you may be able to continue to connect with one of them. If you want to request a specific mentor from chat, be sure to use their chat nick at the beginning of your message. This will allow us to redirect it to them when possible.

We also invite you to discover the daily devotionals, articles, Bible studies, and series available on this site. All of these allow for interaction with a mentor on specific topics.

Although we will miss the times we’ve shared together in the rooms, we trust that God has prepared some great things ahead. We would love to hear how you’re doing, so don't hesitate to write to us from time to time.

Our prayer for you during this time of transition is an ancient prayer first recorded in Numbers 6.24-26:

The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine upon you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.

Chat Administration,

Why did the chatroom move from to is being appropriated to showcase the ministries under the umbrella of Power to Change, Canada. It is being phased out as a content strategy. Depending on the target audience, the best content from is being moved either to or We've decided that is best suited to host chat.

Why does chat look different now? (Why did features change? Where did the old ones go?)

The platform looks different because it is a different software. Unfortunately, no chat software had every feature on our wish list, so we chose the best available option after researching several platforms. We now have extra features we never had before, but there are a few features we've had to give up for the time being.

Can I register a username? Do I have to register?

You may log in without registration or choose to register a unique username at Any password resets are handled at that site as well. Please note that their privacy policies will apply to any information you share on your registration. (Chatroll is not a part of Power to Change or The Life Project.)

I couldn’t register my nickname, and I’ve used it for years.

Registered usernames are handled through Someone in another Chatroll chatroom may have registered a nickname that you’ve used on our sites. You are welcome to choose a variation.

Is the same team (and same organization) still maintaining this chat room?

Yes! We think is a great home for chat and we hope you do too!

Why can’t I ignore a user who is causing trouble?

Ignore User is not a feature supported by the new software. No software had every feature on our wish list, so we chose the best one after researching several platforms. Our Chat Team will assist with any problems as much as possible when we are available. You may also use Trouble Report to alert the team to any difficulties experienced in the room.

I see someone in the room but they aren’t talking. Why won’t they answer me?

They may be away from their keyboard or have forgotten to log off. (It helps if chatters log off when they leave chat as a general rule, but we all know it’s very easy to forget!)

How can I help make this a welcoming and safe community for others?

Greet newcomers and include them in the conversation. Don’t pressure others to share more than they are comfortable sharing. Wherever possible, seek to listen well and to understand. Showing respect to all, even those with different opinions, helps to make this a safe place. Remember that written communication does not allow you to see the nuances of body language that you use to assertain meaning in face-to-face interactions. Therefore, chatter's words may appear more direct or abrasive than they intend. Try to assume the best.

Why does the user list sometimes list “viewers”?

Site visitors may now view the room in real time before logging in. If someone is on the page and has not yet logged into the room, those in the room will be notified by the counter’s indicator of number of “viewers.”