Here are some of the Bible passages that present the ideas found in the series, A Reflection on Our Fear of Death.

What Do We Learn about Evil in this World?

Some of us will only live for moments in this fallen world. Others of us will spend many years here. Why that is the case remains a mystery. But during our time here, we are learning important truths about evil.

We are learning that evil inhabits every single one of us and that we are all unable to live perfect lives.

We are discovering that evil in all its forms is ultimately destructive and harmful to ourselves and others.

Evil also fills us with fear, shame, and guilt and makes us want to hide from others, ourselves, and God.

We are being awakened to the fact that our inability to rule this earth the way God wants is the source of injustice, wars, interpersonal conflicts, disasters, destruction, and suffering.

This suffering helps us understand that we need to be freed from evil, be restored to God’s perfect image, and learn to rule this world under his orders and not his enemy’s.

And that deliverance from evil is exactly what God’s solution to death invites us to experience.

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