Imagine you’re one of the first disciples, and you’re having the time of your life. You have a front row seat to Jesus’ ministry. You’ve watched Jesus bring a little girl back from the dead and give a blind man back his sight. You’ve seen him turn a few loaves of bread into lunch for thousands. You’re pinching yourself: Is this all really happening? You are part of the inner circle of the most amazing man alive! What will he do next?

What he does next is talk about what it really means to be his disciple. He tells you that it won’t always be this fun or easy, but it will be good. You’ll receive a life you never could have imagined.

Read Jesus’ words in Mark 8:34–38 and imagine he’s talking directly to you. Then spend some time reflecting on the following questions:

The first disciples counted the cost and chose to follow Jesus. Their life was far from easy, but it was filled with amazing adventure. And yours can be too.

updated August 2019

Photo Credit: Helen Lindholm