Are you tired of feeling an emptiness within your spirit? Have you tried to find lasting satisfaction but failed? Do you ever wonder if the person at the desk next to you believes in a higher power? Does your neighbor think there is life after death? Do members of your family pray?

Almost everyone has some view of spirituality. More often than not, it is unspoken and held silently. Many have questions. Some don’t believe at all. However, the majority of people living on earth today believe in the supernatural in some form. Many claim to have “faith” yet never enter a church. Many pray, often in times of desperation. Yet others feel prayer is a false hope.

Powerful stories of answered prayer have come down through the ages and the generations. The question of faith is an intensely personal one. Each one of us decides in our own heart if we will believe in God, the universe connected by some obscure power, or if we will reach to other forms of spirituality. You alone make the final choice as to where to place your faith.

To leave these matters unattended in our hearts is similar to leaving a ship unanchored on the ocean and hope the wind never comes up. Trying to put an anchor down in the midst of a fierce gale is a difficult task. We do well to examine our faith and set our spiritual anchor while the wind is calm. We all know how it can blow at times!

Allow me to share with you the anchor I have found for my soul as I journey through life. The most powerful evidence of the existence of God is seen in the person and life of Jesus Christ. His story is recorded history. His power still changes lives in remarkable ways today. His teachings can still apply to our daily living, and his Spirit works in our spirit to direct us and empower us beyond anything we could visualize ourselves.

Believing in a personal, caring God becomes a point of power in our lives which — goes beyond rituals and rules.

As we believe in the crucified and risen Jesus and declare our faith in him, we receive authority, as an adopted child of God, to bring our requests to God in prayer.

Prayer is the natural cry of the soul to God. We were created to live a life of prayer:to communicate with God. He actually waits for us to call out to him. That longing for spirituality that you feel within your soul was put there by God so you would seek him and find him. It is a simple choice to believe. It is a simple thing to acknowledge the void within and ask him to fill it. Many have found that the things they seek to fill the emptiness can end up leaving them bankrupt spiritually and sometimes even emotionally and physically.

Anchoring your soul by faith in Jesus is the foundation for a spiritual journey that will bring you fulfillment. It will bring power in praying as you begin to apply the teaching of the Bible to your daily life.

But don’t take my word for it. Discover this for yourself. Call out to God. Tell him you believe his son Jesus died and rose from the grave in order to open the way for you and God to communicate. Tell him you are tired of going your own way and need his Spirit to direct you. Invite him to share the journey of life with you. You have nothing to lose and oh so much to gain. Why not anchor your soul today?

Tags: Apologetics
Photo Credit: Diana Simumpande