Growing in your relationship with Jesus means to know Him better and to love and obey Him more. When the Holy Spirit directs your life, you experience a deeper relationship with God and you will grow in your ability to trust Him. Not only that, your growing love for God will lead you to obey His commandments.

Just as it’s natural for a child’s relationship with her parent to change and grow, it’s also natural for your relationship with God to grow.

So how can you cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus?

Communication is key to any relationship. And with God, it's no different! Here are four ways you can communicate with Him.

1. Read the Bible
God communicates through the Scriptures, revealing His character and His will. The Bible isn’t just another ancient book; it’s inspired by God. So whenever you read it, the Holy Spirit will speak through its words.

2. Pray
Prayer is just another word for talking to God. He wants to hear your thoughts, needs, and desires. You can talk to Him about everything; He hears you and answers you, too. Plus, prayer is a way you can thank God for all He is doing in your life.

3. Hang Out With Christians
Being together with other Christians, encouraging and building up one another, is vital for growing in your relationship with God. The Greek word for this is koinonia, which means “sharing in common.” It's so important to share your Christian experience with others who love God, so that God can use you to encourage and challenge them, and in turn, be encouraged and challenged. God has appointed the church as a place to meet other Christians, learn about Him, and worship Him. Bible studies and other meetings can also really help you grow in your relationship with God.

4. Share Your Faith
When you make yourself available for the Holy Spirit to speak through you, you are communicating with God. He's able to use you to show Christ to those who don’t yet know Him. A life with Him is an incredible gift. And the more we share the treasure with others, the deeper our own joy in God will become.

As you rely on the Holy Spirit for power, read the Bible, pray, spend time with other Christians, and tell people about Jesus, God will produce His character in you. And there's no question: you will experience spiritual growth.

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Photo Credit: Vadim L