What would it feel like to see God change someone’s life through your story? The Christian life doesn’t get much better than that! Many of us dream of being someone who confidently shares their faith, but sometimes we’re afraid to take the risk. We wonder what people will think of us. Will they still respect us and want to associate with us? Jesus and his disciples faced these same risks. Many welcomed them and accepted their message, but many people also ridiculed and rejected them.

But Jesus showed us that joy conquers fear. He endured the cross for the joy that was set before him (Hebrews 12.2). His highest priority was to obey his Father no matter what people thought, and that’s why we now have the joy of salvation.

That joy can be your source of courage as you share your story. So take a deep breath, fix your eyes on Jesus, and go!

How can you share your story? Here are some great ideas:

1. Share your story in conversations. As you look for opportunities, every now and then you’ll see a clear chance to tell your story. A friend might ask, “Why do you believe in God?” Or you might hear someone talking about a struggle that you’ve been through too.

Sometimes telling your whole story just won’t suit the situation — it would be awkward to launch into a three-minute monologue about you and Jesus. But you may be able to share highlights of your story at different times that hint at the bigger story. And when you plant those seeds, you often get the joy of seeing where the Holy Spirit leads the conversation next. You never know, this might be the first step towards sharing your story before a group of people someday.

2. Share your story online. Write an article about how God has transformed your life, or make a short minute video of your story. Then you can share the article or film on various websites or online platforms, including your social media feeds. Some people also link to their story from their email signature.

As you meet people, you can share your story by giving them a business card that has the link to your story on it. Pray that God would prompt you to hand it out whenever the time is right. By doing this, you allow people to read or view your story at their convenience and contact you online to ask questions. These days, everyone is online, so it’s a great place to share your story and start spiritual conversations.

3. Most importantly, pray. Keep your ears open to what God is doing around you. When you’re out interacting with someone, make it a habit to ask God, “What are you up to in this person’s life? Is there something you want me to share?” That’s a prayer God loves to answer. Then step out with courageous faith whenever you sense that the Holy Spirit is leading you to ask a question or say something.

Remember, this gets easier and easier the more you practice being real and open about your faith. If you put yourself out there, connect with people, and really listen to them, God will show you when it’s time to tell your story. And the more you do that, the more natural it will become to share.

One of the most incredible and rewarding parts of life is taking those leaps of faith to share your most amazing before & after story of all — not about a home reno, or a financial makeover, or the wonders of some new diet. Your story of finding life in Jesus is way better than any of that!

Your story is the unique way you get to share what God has done for you! You’ve met Jesus. He’s changing you. And that’s something people desperately need to hear.

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updated September 2019

Photo Credit: Phil Coffman