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Pilgrims in Progress

10 Part Series, By The Life Team, Shine 

The Great Commission is all about going and making disciples. But in order to make disciples, we first need to know what they are, right? This series will explore what it means to be a disciple, how to become more like Jesus, and how to encourage others to join you in this amazing adventure.

  1. The Meaning of Christian Baptism Session5

    The Meaning of Christian Baptism

    Not all Christians agree on how someone should be baptized, but most do agree on its core meaning. Take a look at its meaning according to the Bible and figure out how you think it should be done.

  2. Born to Lead Session8

    Born to Lead

    The call is clear: we are to share the greatest love story ever told, to all the ends of the earth. And then we’re to encourage people who believe to go deeper with God.

  3. Discipleship 101 Session9

    Discipleship 101

    We know that Jesus has called us to disciple others, but how do we even begin to do that? It's a big responsibility, but these seven steps make it easy to get started.

  4. They Said Yes, Now What? Session10

    They Said Yes, Now What?

    What do you do when someone says "Yes!" to Jesus? Get them to stop smoking asap? Take them shopping for modest clothes? Hmm, maybe not. Here's a list with seven 'good' ideas.