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Life in the Waiting Room: Waiting on God

Few of us like to wait. We don't like to be put on hold and listen to instrumental music, or stand in line waiting to be served. Waiting for God to answer a prayer or act on our behalf is even harder. Our minds begin to churn.

Is the Lord even listening? Have I done something wrong so he is giving me the silent treatment? Am I praying correctly? Doesn't God realize I need him NOW?

Welcome to the Waiting Room. Maybe you’ve heard it said that when God closes a door, he opens a window. But most times this is not a simultaneous act, and for good reason. He may be preparing us or be still arranging the circumstances. He is definitely teaching us patience. Most waiting rooms have materials you can read to pass the time. We think these articles will provide insight and encouragement as you sit and wait on his perfect timing.

Photo Credit: Freddie Marriage